Make a lasting difference in this world!

Make a lasting difference for the better, in Africa!

Volunteering in underprivileged communities in Africa is a truly rewarding experience. You’ll get to interact and connect with fantastic local people and really feel like you’re truly making a difference. There are so many animal conservation initiatives. You’ll meet some amazing people who have dedicated their lives to working with underprivileged communities or in animal conservation. Plan your life-changing volunteer trip overseas in Africa now!

“The wildlife was INCREDIBLE”

I had never volunteered in a foreign country before but going to South Africa and volunteering was one of the best decisions I have made!

Anita V.


Great causes to contribute towards, all over Asia!

Head over to Asia to work with endangered species or underprivileged communities. Numerous countries throughout Asia are in need of support in a variety of forms. You’ll see things that you may never have seen otherwise, and experience things that you certainly wouldn’t at home. Make a life changing decision and volunteer in Asia!

“Beautiful place to volunteer”

I highly recommend volunteering in Bali. The people are wonderful, the food is fantastic with options for everyone and you’ll never get tired of your view.

Victoria H.


Experience the true joy of helping, in Central America!

Take a trip down to Costa Rica and volunteer to make a difference. You could be working to save the lives of sea turtles, lending a hand as a community construction volunteer, or taking on a number of roles as part of the Superhero Volunteer Program. Get in contact with us to find out which path is the right fit for you and begin planning your expedition to Central America now and volunteer overseas!

“Absolutely amazing!”

Completely made my year and was worth the wait. Looking after turtles and seeing the babies being born is fantastic!

Kirsty H.


Volunteering in the tropics!

Ideal holiday destinations don’t get much better than the beautiful tropical island nation of Fiji. Volunteer to help out underprivileged communities while not forgetting to make the most of the stunning beaches and clear waters. Do meaningful volunteer work, and then on your days off, snorkel or catch some rays. Make the decision to make a difference and volunteer abroad in the South Pacific!

“Best experience”

The best experience of my life. Simple as that.

Eric W.


See Europe as a volunteer!

The main hubs of Europe are quite close by so you can combine your Euro trip with a volunteering project. Contribute towards great causes while experiencing the unique culture that this region is all about! With us, you’ll see more of Europe than the tourists ever will!

“I would definitely recommend”

It’s a great way to learn Spanish, it’s a great way to be a part of the community & the lifestyle here in the south of Spain. It’s also a great way to learn about the environment.

Scott B.


Be the change, in South America!

Volunteer in South America for the experience of a lifetime. Rich in culture and history, there’s so much to see and do in this beautiful continent. It’s where you’ll find Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest and Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few famous places. Unfortunately there is a high level of poverty and a lot of people do need your help. Make a genuine difference and start planning your South American volunteer journey today!

“Privileged to be a volunteer”

I have never felt so comfortable and welcomed so far from home. The people of Rewa are so genuine, the children are very bright, and the rainforest is of indescribable beauty.

Tim M.

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