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Travel to Cambodia

A country where ancient delights and modern pleasures unite, Cambodia is a bucket-list-worthy destination. Packed with stunning temples, tropical islands, relaxing river cruises and plenty of delicious cuisines to satisfy your appetite.

Key facts

  • Currency: Cambodia Riel (KHR)
  • Population: 16 million
  • National dish: Amok
  • Bottle of beer: 7,966 KHR
  • Offical language: Khmer
  • Hello: Suasdey
  • Capital city: Phnom Penh
  • Minimum wage: 3,697 KHR/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 22°C - 35°C


Cambodia is a country rich in culture and heavily influenced by fellow Asian nation, India. Cambodians are quick to rebuild, gentle and willing to find any reason to celebrate. They are generally considered conventional and superstitious in nature.

Best time to visit

Cambodia is warm the majority of the year and is split into wet and dry seasons. November - May (dry season) is considered the best time to travel to avoid rainfall. However, June - October (wet season) can make for lush rainforests and a beautiful evergreen environment. We suggest heading over around November - February to catch warm enough weather to be able to swim but comfortable temperatures to explore the many sights.

Best places to visit


Yangon is Myanmar’s commercial hub and largest city. The glowing and golden Buddhist statue, Shwedagon Paya, is the main focus of the city and is a popular tourist attraction. You’ll feel at peace with nature in this green-inspired city, with tranquil parks, beautiful lakes and lush trees sprawled throughout.

Angkor Wat translates to ‘temple city’ and that’s exactly what it is. It is one of the largest religious monuments ever constructed and is now a World Heritage Site. Its central tower stands at an impressive 65 metres tall and is surrounded by four shorter towers, creating a duplicate layout of Mount Meru that is sure to blow you away.