Why go Global

You’ve probably had some friends or family go travelling before who have bombarded you with fantastical, whimsical stories that seem a little larger than life. But we promise you, there’s something they left out… the hard parts. No-one wants to hear a story about “when I did my visa application wrong” or “that time I couldn’t find a job overseas and had to come home early.”

These types of stories happen almost as much as wonderful stories and that’s what we’re here for. We take care of that “hard part” for you, to ensure your adventure is everything you want it to be.

What we do

Working Holiday

This type of trip is our most popular (especially for people your age) for very good reason. This is the ULTIMATE travel experience. As much as we love a whirlwind trip somewhere amazing with your closest friends, this is your opportunity to have one of those every other week! Base yourself on the other side of the world and go exploring! We’ll take care of everything you need to get it done. Our team of experts can provide unlimited job interviews (most of our travellers lock in a job before they’ve even left their home country!), visa application assistance, accommodation advice, ongoing support from a team that’s actually in the country with you and a whole bunch of activities!

But for us, the best bit is that you’re going to be SURROUNDED by like minded travellers from the second you get there. It can be tough to make friends in another part of the world… it won’t be for you.

<p>For some people, travel is a competition. Who can have the best story at the table is a matter of pride! Our Teach trips are a way for you to win that competition every.single.time.</p><p>On this trip you’ll be jet setting off to weird (to you, but only at first) and wonderful corners of the world to teach the locals how to speak English. For lots of these people, a knowledge of English can be absolutely life-changing. So you won’t just be having an awesome time somewhere amazing, you’ll know that you’re making a real difference in many lives too!</p><p>These trips start with an intensive 4 week course to gain your internationally recognised teaching qualification (TEFL or TESOL). The best thing about that is once you have it, you’re qualified for life. Meaning you can take that qualification to wherever you might want to go in the future. There is also a whole new generation of Digital Nomads who use this qualification to teach classes online, funding their travels so they can keep going forever!</p><p>During your course you’ll make friends with your classmates, do a bunch of cool activities and learn all the skills you need to be the master of your classrooms! Then after, you’ll be sent to a placement where you’ll earn an income by teaching and truly experience what it feels like to live like a local. </p>

Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on providing a premium and personalised service to each of our customers. Every traveller will have their own dedicated Trip Coordinator to assist with every step of their travel journey. From pre-departure to arrival in their dream destination, up until they’ve settled into the new culture overseas, we’re there whenever they need.

We have 3 offices around the world, and Global Travellers are free to visit us when they please and enjoy a complimentary coffee, Red Bull or beer on us! On your return home, if you require assistance with post-trip essentials such as completion certificates or tax returns, we’re always a quick call, email, knock or message away.

24/7 Global Emergency Line

No matter where you are in the world, we’re only a call away. In the rare chance you have an emergency during your trip, our team is ready and waiting on the other end, 24/7/365.

Lifetime Deposit Guarantee

We understand that life can throw unexpected curveballs and get in the way of exciting plans and dreams. That’s what makes life interesting after all, but that's also why we created our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee for when these things don’t always turn out exactly as planned.

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