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What is teaching?

Learn how to teach English overseas and experience the unique opportunity to travel the world, discover new cultures and connect with a new community. Through helping others learn a valuable skill, you’ll be earning a local living to fund your travels further. Our Teach trips give you the chance to take part in a 3-4 week class-based TEFL or TESOL course where you’ll learn how to teach English to foreign students. You’ll be provided with accommodation, transfers and cultural activities and excursions throughout your course. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally-recognised accreditation which will give you the freedom to teach and travel all over the world or land a local teaching placement. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a job teaching English abroad, wonder no more. This is your chance to take a break from your routine back home, challenge yourself in an exciting way and, most importantly, return home feeling proud of the positive impact you’ve made on someone’s education.