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We miss travelling as much as you do! But the good news is that the world is slowly starting to open up again! We’ve already had our first travellers pack up and head out to start their trip of a lifetime. This is only available in specific cases, but it’s a huge start, and very positive signs of what’s to come.

Travel will be back! The planet we’re all lucky to live on is too big, too incredible and too full of wonder to be shut forever. We all know that sometime soon we will be back globetrotting again; we just don’t know exactly when, or how it will look like when it happens - yet (But it’s coming!).

All of our trips already come with our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee that provides massive flexibility to work around Coronavirus restrictions. However, to give our travellers the ultimate peace of mind we’ve introduced what we think is the Ultimate Corona Booking Flexibility for all new bookings until further notice.

If you want to change trip or destination

Our Ultimate Corona Booking Flexibility means you can change your trip’s start date up to 56 days before departure without incurring ANY charges, and you’re able to rebook it for ANY time (or even any other trip) in the next 2 years from your original start date.

If you want to totally cancel your trip

In the event that you want to cancel your booking altogether, if you give us over 56 days notice you can do so with only a 50% cancellation fee. Your refund of the balance will come in the form of a Travel Credit which you can put towards booking absolutely anything travel related with your Travel Concierge within the next 3 years! A weekend away may not quite have the same effect as a Working Holiday, but it’s a start! Global has access to international flights, hotels, hostels, cars, tours, holidays and travel insurance you could use your credit on, plus, you can even spend it on others, like your mum.

If COVID forces us to delay your trip

If due to the C-word we have to delay your trip, that sucks! But not all is lost. We will change your trip dates for free. If this doesn’t fit around you and you can’t go on your trip anymore, we will give you a 100% refund in the form of a Trip Credit with us. You can put this towards any of our other trips within the next 5 years! If you’re unable to use it, you can transfer that credit to someone else for them to put towards any trip too. We don’t know about you, but to us, that sounds like the best birthday present your little cousin (or sister, uncle, father, grandfather, Terry who lives down the street or whoever the heck else you can think of) ever got!

There’s never been a more important time to have an established travel company like us by your side to support your overseas work & travel dreams. Global Work & Travel is in your corner and will work through this horrible pandemic with you. Our number 1 priority will always be the safety and wellbeing of our travellers, whilst protecting your investment in world travels.

Our new Ultimate Corona Booking Flexibility is a big step towards making you feel safe and comfortable travelling with Global Work & Travel, and together, we will get you exploring again soon!