Got a trip planned, or planning one soon? Check out our COVID-19 update here.

For all people around the world, we’ve rapidly and unexpectedly entered into a very tough and challenging time of our lives together, but we will get through it. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate and governments move to implement new measures to contain the damage almost daily, businesses are having to grapple with heavy adjustments to their operations and workforces to navigate these rough waters.

We’re 100% optimistic and confident that this storm will soon pass. It has to. It already is on its way. Within a few weeks the new cases will peak and governments will be able to start easing the sudden restrictions on our daily lives. A vaccine or effective medicine will be approved. The sun will shine and the world will start turning again.

But in the meantime, we want you to know that Global Work & Travel will be here at the other side of this too. We’re definitely not going anywhere and are resourced and agile enough to see us through it. However, as this storm makes its way through, we’ve had to make some temporary, hard and swift operational adjustments, like many businesses have and especially travel companies.

We’re not a business that’s been built to run on full speed with all our teams working from home, and due to recent government requirements and increasing restrictions on staff mobility, we’re operating on a limited team size. We remain open still, though many of our services will be limited for now. Our 24/7 Global Emergency Line will always be running as promised and as usual.

Whilst no one quite knows when exactly borders are going to reopen, we do know they will. And that will be within the next few months at the latest. If you’ve got a trip with us coming up in the next couple of months, we’ll be moving your trip date around as needed, with absolutely no charge. It won’t cost you anything extra, and we will continue to provide this total flexibility until Corona is well over. If you wish to cancel without incurring any cancellation charges, we’ll be providing a 100% credit so you can choose any other trip you want, anytime in the next 5 years!

If you haven’t yet joined Global Work & Travel, our life-advice is to not let the current crisis change the course of your future by stopping you from planning an overseas trip. Crisis’ come and go every few years, but the world will not stop travelling for long. There’s so much to see, learn and explore out there that one of the saddest impacts of Coronavirus is many people may decide not to do that trip they’ve been dreaming about. Time cannot be reclaimed on earth, so don’t let a slight bump in the road change the course of your destiny.

We are open, we will remain open, and we will be back in full force as soon as we’re allowed to.

We’re going through this together, with you.

- Global Work & Travel HQ, Gold Coast, Australia