Travel to South Korea

South Korea is a multifaceted nation with urbanscapes and countryside. You’ll forever be in awe surrounded by the constant buzz, bustling energy and work-hard, play-hard mindset.

Key facts

  • Currency: South Korean Won (KRW)
  • Population: 51 million
  • National dish: Kimchi
  • Bottle of beer: 5,000 KRW
  • Offical language: Korean
  • Hello: Annyeong
  • Capital city: Seoul
  • Minimum wage: 8,350 KRW/hour
  • Annual temperatures: -7°C - 29°C


South Korean culture is strongly influenced by China and Japan. South Koreans are reserved, well-mannered and considered reliable and loyal to their friends and family. You’ll also notice how hospitable and willing to help they are when you travel here.

Best time to visit

Visiting South Korea is best in the seasons of autumn and spring. April - June (spring) is the most popular time for travellers, as floral arrangements explode to life and pink cherry blossoms fringe the national parks and streets, especially in Gyeongju. September - November (autumn) is also a refreshing period, with pops of warm hues and pleasant temperatures. Festivals are also aplenty during this time.

Best places to visit


The capital of South Korea is a whirlwind of experiences and activities. Constantly updated with the latest trends, Seoul is a trendy city full of contemporary bars and restaurants, mesmerising shopping malls, museums and galleries.

Where there is natural beauty, there’s an outdoor adventure to complement it. Jeju-do is the perfect destination for the active traveller, as it boasts deep blue oceans, rugged mountains, volcanoes, off-the-beaten-path trails and coastlines. You’ll never be short of activities here.