Travel to Vietnam

Escape to Vietnam - inundated with incredible history, golden-sand beaches, glorious mountain tops and mind-boggling cities. This Southeast Asian nation will have you planning your next trip back as soon as you leave.

Key facts

  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)
  • Population: 96 million
  • National dish: Pho
  • Bottle of beer: 40,000 VND
  • Offical language: Vietnamese
  • Hello: Xin Chao
  • Capital city: Hanoi
  • Minimum wage: 100,149 VND/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 13°C - 34°C


Vietnam is heavily influenced by Chinese culture. Family is highly valued over individualism and it’s common for three or more generations to live under one roof. Vietnamese people are considered to be one of the hardest working collectives.

Best time to visit

When travelling to the northern parts of Vietnam, the months from February - April (spring) and August - October (autumn) are the best times to visit. This is due to consistent sunny days and clear skies. When travelling further south, you’ll usually have beautiful, warm weather year-round.

Best places to visit

Ho Chi Minh City

Be swept away by the whirlwind of Ho Chi Minh City - a city beaming with life and energy. Whether you choose to splurge at fine-dining restaurants and shop at boutiques, or you’d rather order locally from market stalls and wander through temple grounds, Ho Chi Minh City does just the trick.

Uncover a capital city layered with ancient history and precious temples and buildings, but one that’s also not afraid to embrace the contemporary. Its fusion boasts delicious menus, exceptional nightlife, museums and gardens. Slow down the pace and visit the tranquil countryside, located just a short drive away.