Travel to Spain

Wander the cobbled streets and delve into a country so loving and devoted to all the greatest things in life. From fiestas and flamenco to ancient ruins and exceptional cuisine, Spain is sure to awaken a fiery passion within you.

Key facts

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Population: 46.4 million
  • National dish: Paella
  • Bottle of beer: 3 EUR
  • Offical language: Spanish
  • Hello: Hola
  • Capital city: Madrid
  • Minimum wage: 7 EUR/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 1°C - 34°C


Spanish people are considered to be intensely passionate, warm and emotional in all aspects of their life. The country is loved for its lively festivals and appreciation towards music and dance, particularly flamenco. Architecture is rich in Spain and intricate sculptures and buildings are plentiful throughout.

Best time to visit

April - May (late spring) is when the country is buzzing with excitement approaching Euro summer. Embrace the warm, but not unbearable, temperatures and bathe off the Mediterranean coast. Seville's Feria de Abril falls during this time and is when you can experience traditional flamenco music and dance at its best. June - August (summer) is the most popular time for tourists to bask in the country’s iconic heat. September - November (autumn) is harvest season, so food and wine lovers should opt to travel during this time to savour delicious wine and fresh produce.

Best places to visit


The thriving cosmopolitan of Barcelona is renowned for its art and architecture. Feel inspired when you’re surrounded by Gaudi’s colourful mosaic tiles, modern landmarks and striking buildings.

Seville will captivate you the moment you explore its seductive collection of exotic dance clubs, historic cathedrals and romantic lanes. You’ll take a step back in time when you learn about the history and traditions within this beauty.