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Spanish in Valencia

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Trip overview

Honestly, you really can’t learn a language to that level you really want to without a bit of cultural immersion. Books, apps and classes are great, but it is that everyday practice, those little sprinklings of colloquialism and nuances that you just can’t pick up from anywhere but actually speaking the language every day. 

Learning Spanish in Spain is a joy. Immersing yourself in the vibrant, on-the-street culture of Spain and interacting with the welcoming and friendly locals, will boost your language skills immeasurably. Valencia is the perfect spot for your undiluted Spanish experience. Barcelona and Madrid are cool and all, but as Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia is enough off the beaten track to give that entirely Spanish vibe. 

Valencia is a buzzing city, a perfect blend between classical Spanish architecture and incredibly innovative buildings. Packed with art, bars and restaurants, the centre of Valencia is such a vibrant place to be and your lessons will be right in the heart of it all, just ten minutes walk from Plaza de Ayuntamiento.

Once the course is over, you are in the perfect spot to continue your adventures. Situated on the south coast of Spain, you can choose to travel onwards, down the Costa del Sol to Andalucia and the hot-sticky melting pot of Seville, or north, up to majestic Barcelona and the Costa Brava. Wherever you travel, armed with your newfound language skills, you are going to get so much more from the experience. 

This language course is all about living like a local. You are not just learning a language, you are learning a lifestyle, merging into the rhythms of Spanish life. You can even choose to stay with a Spanish family to fully immerse yourself and discover exactly what it means to live life the Spanish way. Become more than just a visitor on this incredible opportunity to learn Spanish the immersive way.


Spanish language lessons

Choose your preferred intensity. Learn Spanish in a structured, but relaxed environment for the standard 10 hours per week, or take it up a notch with the intensive 20 hours a week course (for a small additional charge). With small classes of only 4-8 students, you'll get enough personal attention from the teacher to ensure you get the most out of each session. 

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Handpicked from an experienced team who’ve been there, done that and ready to guide you through your entire journey and leave no question unanswered.

Pre-Departure Guide

Our in-depth pre-departure guide will have all the information you need about your trip & destination, at your fingertips.

Local cultural experiences

Packed with ways to get you immersed in the culture, you will head out on gallery visits and guided city tours to get you acclimatised. There is also beach time and evening activities to break the ice with your fellow classmates.

Trip visa guidance

If you need a visa, it’ll get approved as cheap and easy as possible with our step-by-step instructions and personal guidance from your Trip Coordinator.

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You'll get a personal Travel Concierge to plan your flights, insurance or any add-ons to synchronise perfectly with your trip. Deal with a real human and get a personalised booking experience that ticks all your boxes.

Comfortable accommodation

You'll have a private room in a local Homestay, for an authentic cultural experience. Or, for a small additional charge, upgrade to a Shared flat or Hostel accommodation.

Private airport transfer

A private chauffeur to take you from the local Valancia airport (VLC) to your accommodation in Valencia.

$200 Global Tour Voucher

We know this will be the trip of a lifetime, so you also get a $200 Global Tour Voucher to put towards any Contiki, Busabout, Topdeck or G Adventures tour so you can go and explore some more of the world whilst you’re over there. You’re welcome.

Certificate of completion

In recognition of your hard work and dedication throughout the experience. Employers will love this addition to your resume!

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From our team and in-country project partners, think of them as your family away from home. Whether you need advice or a shoulder to lean on, you’ll be provided with unlimited support.

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To qualify for this trip you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be between 18-85 years of age
  • Be a citizen of an eligible country
  • Have no criminal convictions in the past 5 years

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Trip details

Immersing yourself in a different culture is by far the best way to go about learning a new language, but we are all human here, we know it can be a little daunting to just launch yourself into a whole other way of life. We have specially designed this trip to make sure you are as comfortable as possible when you embark on your Spanish adventure. 

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Interest-free payment plans

Pay your trip off in instalments that you get to choose.

Ultimate Corona Booking Flexibility

If Covid gets in the way, again, we've got your back. Read more here.

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Trip location

You are going to Spain’s third-largest city, but the one with far fewer tourists, Valencia. Your classroom is right in the heart of this dynamic city, just a ten-minute walk from Plaza del Ayuntamiento. We always try to arrange your accommodation so you are not too far away, but part of the joy of living in a city is the commuting, so there may be a short bus or underground ride to the school.

Trip itinerary


Once you’ve touched down at Valencia airport, your transfer will take you to your accommodation in the city. If you’ve given yourself a few days between your arrival and the course starting, use this time to get acquainted with the city and your new classmates/homestay hosts! Valencia is an amazing city, so try to make the most of it straight away!

Day 1

On your first day, you'll run through your orientation. This will include information about the school, classes, study methods, Spanish culture and daily life in Spain. 

Then dive straight into your class! You’ll undertake a two-hour Spanish class in the afternoon, followed by an optional city tour to get you acclimatised and start bonding with your classmates.


You’ll be heading to the school every day for either a two-hour class if you opt for the standard, or a four-hour class if you go for the intense. These classes are subject to your class level and schedule and will probably change through your stay. 

The school’s concept of teaching differentiates them from traditional Spanish classes. They provide much more personal lessons that are easy to follow and are not limited to any barriers. The methodology is based on continuous practice in a pleasant and fun way, both inside and outside of class by immersing you in everything around you, getting you to discover the city while practising Spanish, rather than just confining you to a classroom and giving you an unforgettable experience.

With this in mind, you will take loads of different little trips with your class to experience Valencia and practice your Spanish. Visit the beautiful Turia Park and City of Arts and Sciences, experience the best museums in the city, the Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity, Valencian Institute of Modern Arts and Centre of Contemporary Culture El Carmen. You will also visit the beautiful Oceanogràfic and explore the delights of Museo Fallero, not to mention a few drinks as you navigate the Spanish language skills needed in bars and restaurants. 

Your weekends are yours to explore the city, or go further around Spain! If you’d like to go on a more in-depth trip around the country, let your course leader know and they can try to rearrange classes. 

We’ll constantly keep in touch with you throughout your stay. If at any point during your trip you need advice or support, our team will be on hand to answer all your questions. Don’t forget you can jump on our social media pages too or buzz our 24/7 emergency support line for urgent matters.

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