Travel to Thailand

There’s not a lot Thailand can’t do - from sandy beaches, dense greenery, temples, markets and amazing eats. You’ll feel as ecstatic as the locals when you pay a trip to the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’.

Key facts

  • Currency: Thai Baht (THB)
  • Population: 69 million
  • National dish: Pad Thai
  • Bottle of beer: 105 THB
  • Offical language: Thai
  • Hello: Sawasdee
  • Capital city: Bangkok
  • Minimum wage: 40 THB/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 23°C - 36°C


Family is the number one priority in Thai culture, and extended family is more tight-knit compared to western culture. They follow a carefree and laidback approach and rarely exhibit negative emotions. They value respect and status deeply.

Best time to visit

Thailand is typically warm every month of the year. Visit the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’ during their cool and dry season (November - April) to experience the sunshine and postcard-worthy weather that Thailand is prized for.

Best places to visit


Eat your way through the flavours and spices of Bangkok, one of the best dining capitals on Earth. A cosmopolitan bundled with canals, a bustling nightlife, fascinating temples and market stalls.

The country’s largest island sure packs a punch of tropical bliss. Venture to the surrounding beaches and channel different seaside vibes at each one. Walk along pristine sand, dive into aquamarine waters, discover a world of wonder underwater, or catch a ferry to the tropical Phi Phi islands.