Trunks & Tails Rescue

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Trip overview

Embark on an unforgettable volunteer trip and experience Thailand’s lifestyle whilst making a real difference to abused and mistreated animals. On this amazing adventure, you’ll volunteer in authentic Thai villages and cities, rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and elephants. Picture yourself improving the living conditions of stray animals, nursing injured animals back to health, educating locals on conservation efforts and contributing to important, real-world rescue and rehabilitation projects.

We offer the complete package for those looking to volunteer abroad and, best of all, we have joined with exclusive project partners to secure you a guaranteed volunteering placement overseas. You’ll be contributing to different conservation projects with both confidence and purpose. Our team will help you with all the essentials, from visa assistance to airport transfers, volunteer accommodation, onsite training and so much more.

Make a sustainable impact on animal rescue and rehabilitation, meet new friends from all corners of the world and break away from your routine back home as you embark on this incredible volunteer travel opportunity. This trip is perfect for anyone ready to make a difference and lasting impact on Thailand’s wildlife whilst channelling that relaxed beachside lifestyle at the same time.


Volunteer project placement
We’ll score you a guaranteed volunteering placement so you can start on your journey to make a difference to our planet.
Dedicated Trip Coordinator
Handpicked from an experienced team who’ve been there, done that and ready to guide you through your entire journey and leave no question unanswered.
Pre-Departure Guide
Our in-depth pre-departure guide will have all the information you need about your trip & destination, at your fingertips.
Trip visa guidance
Get your visa approved as cheap and easy as possible with our step-by-step instructions and personal guidance by your Trip Coordinator.
Personal Travel Concierge
You'll get a personal Travel Concierge to plan your flights, insurance or any add-ons to synchronise perfectly with your trip. Deal with a real human and get a personalised booking experience that ticks all your boxes.
Comfortable accommodation
For your street dog rescue project, relax in a western-style shared room, located a two-minute stroll from the beach and complete with a TV and free WiFi. For your elephant rescue project, stay in comfortable onsite tribal-chic accommodation. For those volunteering past 4 weeks, you’ll experience living with the local Karen Tribe in a shared tribal hut.
Covid-19 Medical Insurance
For a limited time only, all our Volunteer trips come with medical insurance for the duration of your trip, which also covers Covid-19, for added peace of mind.
Return airport transfer
To take you straight to your initial volunteer accommodation in the Khao Tao. Return transfer to the airport upon completion of your volunteer placement.
Project supplies
Get equipped with all the supplies and materials you need to perform your volunteer duties.
Enjoy three typical vegetarian Thai meals per day, prepared fresh for you by the staff during your elephant rescue project. Whilst at your street dog rescue project, you can explore local fresh food markets to taste the traditional cuisine.
‘Welcome to Thailand’ orientation
Get familiar with the country’s history and culture, plus you’ll learn more about your volunteer project and your responsibilities.
Local cultural experiences
You will join other travellers as you take part in all or some of the cultural activities, including a Thai cooking class and visit to Phraya Nakhon Cave.
$200 Global Tour Voucher
We know this will be the trip of a lifetime, so you also get a $200 Global Tour Voucher to put towards any Contiki, Busabout, Topdeck or G Adventures tour so you can go and explore some more of the world whilst you’re over there. You’re welcome.
Certificate of completion
In recognition of your hard work and dedication throughout the experience, and, it goes very well with your future resume. Employers will love this addition!
Ongoing support from our local team
Think of us as your family away from home. Whether you need advice or a shoulder to lean on, our team will provide you with unlimited support.
24/7 Global Emergency Line
Feel confident knowing we have a worldwide emergency team on standby, 24/7/365, so you can feel safe and secure throughout your whole trip no matter where you are in the world.
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To qualify for this trip you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be between 18-85 years of age
  • Be a citizen of an eligible country
  • Have no criminal convictions in the past 5 years

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Trip details

Our Trunks & Tails Rescue Volunteer trip in Thailand is designed to get you volunteering overseas in a safe and fun environment and with a genuine and rewarding purpose. Our expert team and local partners take care of everything you need to start making a positive impact, from volunteer placement to accommodation and ongoing support throughout your entire journey.

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Book with confidence

Interest-free payment plans

Pay your trip off in instalments that you get to choose.

Ultimate Corona Booking Flexibility

If Covid gets in the way, again, we've got your back. Read more here.

Lifetime deposit guarantee

Change of mind for trip, destination or dates? No problem! Learn more here.

Trip location

Your first weeks of volunteering will begin in Hua Hin with Street Dog Rescue, followed by the Elephant Rescue Project in Chiang Mai. If you’re volunteering for over 4 weeks, you’ll have the chance to go deeper into the Chiang Mai mountains.

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Once you have touched down at Bangkok International Airport, your pre-arranged transfer will take you straight to your initial volunteer accommodation in Khao Tao, south of Hua Hin.

Day 2

Head to your orientation with the other volunteers and get a real insight into Thailand’s history, customs and culture. You’ll also get the chance to test your culinary skills in a Thai cooking class where you’ll learn how to make a traditional Pad Thai and Papaya Salad for your friends back home. Take a tour of the mystical Phraya Nakhon Cave, dotted with walking trails, mangrove forests and limestone islands. Travel deep enough into the cave and you’ll reach a skylight shining onto a small temple inside! 

Week 1+

Your first weeks of volunteering will begin at the Street Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre in Hua Hin, followed by the Elephant Rescue Project in Chiang Mai. If you’re volunteering for over 4 weeks, you’ll have the chance to go deeper into the Chiang Mai mountains and volunteer with elephants and the local community in the Thai jungle amongst the Karen Tribe.

7.00am: Rise and shine, it’s time to start your day. Indulge in traditional Thai breakfast and head to a morning meeting with your fellow volunteers and staff.

8.00am: Head to your current volunteer project for your morning shift.

Street Dog Rescue - Your responsibilities could include kennel cleaning, helping out with feeding time and administering sick pups with their medication. 

Elephant Rescue - You could be cutting grass, working in the elephant kitchen, washing and preparing watermelons or pumpkins, unloading trucks and cleaning enclosures. If you volunteer for 4 weeks you could walk with them in the jungle!

12.00pm: Take a well-deserved break from your volunteer duties. Enjoy a prepared meal if it’s included, or packed lunch at your project location.

1.00pm: Spend the afternoon partaking in more important volunteer duties.

Street Dog Rescue - You could be observing surgery, helping with parasite treatments,  visiting and feeding the local dog packs or visiting local schools and educating them about stray dogs. 

Elephant Rescue - You may be feeding, planting trees and grass, cleaning up from the free-roaming elephants or building a dam depending on the time of year.

If you volunteer past 4 weeks, your responsibilities could include building clean village toilets, water tanks, running water pipe systems, bridges for school children, temples and nursery schools. 

3.30pm: Work is done for the day. Head back to the volunteer accommodation and relax or go on optional tours and adventures in the afternoon.

6.00pm: Dinner time - depending on your project, enjoy a prepared meal at your accommodation or head to the nearby market stalls and restaurants to taste a local dish.

Weekends: You’ll have weekends and evenings off, which gives you the perfect opportunity to head to the seaside with your new friends, island hop the white-sand beaches and dive into the crystal-clear waters. If you’re lucky, you’ll paddle beside some sea turtles!


Our dedicated team will check in regularly and keep in touch with you throughout your stay but, if at any point during your trip you need travel advice or assistance, we’ll be here to answer all your questions. Don’t forget you can always jump on our social media pages too or buzz our 24/7 emergency support line for urgent matters.

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Kinga D
Booked in Jan, 2020
Very professional and friendly, easy to communicate with about any questions or concerns, get excited for you, have an easy to use website, highly recommend ❤️
Sadie D
Booked in Aug, 2019
Amazing service by the team especially Jacob. Walked me through step by step would be involved.
Megan H
Booked in Apr, 2019
This is a great service that really explains how they work in full detail.
Jaemie S
Booked in Jul, 2018
Kate and Ashley have been so super helpful in organising everything for me & answering any questions I had related to the trip itself and the travelling. Over the phone they both sound bubbly and enthusiastic which I love because this is a very exciting trip for me! Everything on the website is easy to use and GWorld is very handy for keeping everything I need to know in one place - can’t wait to go in October!
Michelle P
Booked in Sep, 2018
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