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  • Be between 18-35 years of age
  • Be a citizen of an eligible country
  • Have no criminal convictions in the past 5 years
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Trip overview

You’re fluent in English so why not share it with a local family whilst getting paid and exploring Italy at the same time? As a live in English tutor in Italy, you’ll help around 15-30 hours per week as a guiding light to children’s education & lives whilst at the same time having enough time off to live out the trip of your dreams. You’re going to become a part of an Italian household, speaking English at every opportunity to improve the children’s language proficiency. You’ll have the freedom of knowing that your duties within the household will be limited just to speaking English and helping with homework, leaving you with a great amount of time to be able to explore Italy and surrounding countries. Form a close bond with both parents & children as you become an integral part of their family.

We offer the complete package for those wanting to kickstart their tutor journey, and most importantly, ensure you are matched with a safe and welcoming host family and home. Our team will get you sorted with all the essentials from visa assistance, to finding an approved host family before you go, bank account advice, accommodation nights to use when you please, 24/7 support, and much more. You’ll be more than ready to begin your exciting overseas tutor adventure! Plus, regularly chat with your host family prior to taking off, so you’ll know all about them before you meet them face-to-face.

Completely immerse yourself in a new culture, make lifelong friends and, best of all, break away from your usual routine back home as you embark on an adventure to tutor internationally in Europe. With the freedom to explore the country’s natural beauty in your time off or paid trips with your host family, this experience is perfect for a first-time traveller or someone ready to experience a genuine, local Italian lifestyle.


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Just in case it’s not clear already, we’re not an employment or recruitment agency, so please don’t book with us if that’s what you’re looking for. We sell and organise amazing international travel experiences for the purpose of cultural exchange & education. If a trip has a paid work option, this is not mandatory to do and is there as a means to fund your travels only, and no fee is charged by us for this component. All payments you make are for travel and local support services. If you’re still confused, please get in touch.

Trip details

If you’re reading this, it means you have one of the most valuable skills around the world: an understanding of the English language. Although we probably take it for granted because it’s all we know, English is a very important tool for people’s employment opportunities in foreign countries. Families are eager to give their children the best possible advantages in life, so having a live-in English-speaking tutor means that their children will be able to listen to and practice it in the privacy of their home after school. As a private English tutor abroad, your duties will be to constantly speak to the children in English, correct any of their mistakes and sit down with them for formal tutoring sessions.

Our Tutor in Italy trip is designed to have you undertake an important role within your host family, while at the same time being allowed enough time off to truly utilise your time abroad. Our expert team offers assistance with all those essentials you need to get set up overseas, like finding the perfect host family and 24/7 support to live-in accommodation. Simply, we’re here to ensure your transition to living abroad in Italy is seamless.

Arrive into the country with the confidence that you are many steps ahead of all the other tutors in Italy. You’ll arrive knowing that you’ve got an approved placement with an incredible pre-screened host family. With your accommodation taken care of and your agreement arranged before you go, you’ll be able to settle into your new home straight away. Get to know your new family and embrace the Italian lifestyle with open arms. Our expert team will guide you throughout the entire journey to ensure you feel confident knowing you are in the best hands possible.

With most of your living expenses covered, you can spend your earnings exploring the beauty of Italy, touring the different landscapes and joining your family on weekend getaways. If you’re looking for a trip that allows you the time and freedom to explore, this is it! Don’t waste your precious time sweating the logistical stuff. That’s exactly why we’re here - to save you time, money, stress and even the risk of having to return home early. Make your time count on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and prepare to immerse yourself in the laid back and relaxed culture, foster your personal growth and develop important life skills your future-self will thank you for!


To qualify for this trip, you will need to have some form of tutoring or child-caring experience, have your high school certificate or diploma and meet the visa requirements. EU passport holders do not require a visa. As a Tutor, you can not smoke or have suffered from any mental health or eating disorders in the last 12 months. You'll be required to obtain and pass a medical examination as proof.

What extra costs will I have?

Flights, travel insurance, visa, criminal background check, souvenirs & spending money.

Trip itinerary

The beauty of this trip is that your days will generally be free to fill however you please, and then you’ll get time off and breaks in between to explore! As a rough idea, here’s what you can expect:

Week 1

It’s finally here - the first official week of your new life in Italy! Once you’ve touched down, your host family will meet you at the closest major airport and take you to your new home! If you’re planning on travelling first, a driver will take you to your initial hostel accommodation instead. Spend your first week getting to know the family, setting up your bedroom and navigating around your new neighbourhood!

Trip location

From the bustling high-fashion infused streets of Milan and Turin, to the romantic backdrops and gorgeous beaches of Marche. You could find yourself tutoring in some of the most incredible destinations Italy has to offer. 

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